Rik Lee grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He currently lives and draws in Bali, Indonesia. Rik has illustrated for a diverse range of clients, including big international brands, advertising agencies, small independent companies and the kid next-door who wants a new tattoo. 

His client list includes, American Express, Virgin Australia, Ray Ban, Air New Zealand, Myers, Stussy, Mister Simple, Little White Lies, Nylon and Vice.

Rik has exhibited his work in Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. 

Besides drawing, Rik spends his time surfing, traveling, riding his bike and walking his dogs, Tiaki and Susu.

Recently, Rik and his beautiful, wife Regina launched their own clothing collection - Rik & Reg. The garments feature Rik's art work and Regina's fashion design. You can find out more at: rikandreg.com

Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact Rik:) However, please read the FAQ page first... there's a good chance he's already answered your question there. 

Hope you like the work and the shop. Have a rad day. xx